About Us!

About Us

Cancer of the testicles is the most common cancer in men aged 15-44, but can affect men of all ages.  A simple, regular self-check may help you detect early signs of the disease.
If you do notice changes, do see your doctor.


Testicular cancer is easier to treat if caught early.  Check yourself regularly and look out for the warning signs.

cahonas-logoCahonas Scotland is Scotland’s Male Cancer Awareness Charity (Scottish Registered Charity SC040786) committed to raising awareness of Male Cancers (Testicular Cancer, Prostate Cancer & Male Breast Cancer).

We exist to educate the Scotland in matters relating to male cancers, reducing discrimination and stigma from the cancer experience & the aim to bring real positive change in Male Cancer Awareness

Why we set up?

Cahonas Scotland grew from the recognition that although male cancer awareness was slowly growing, there was no real Scottish focus. We want to work with partners, organisations and men themselves to raise the profile of male cancers and help turn round Scotland’s poor health record.

How we will help?

Cahonas Scotland mission is to:

  • Increase the availability of information and support services geared to the needs of men living with cancer and life limiting disease
  • Help educate the public in matters relating to Testicular cancer, reducing discrimination and stigma from the cancer experience
  • Listen to the experiences of men throughout Scotland to make sure our information and future activities help bring about real positive change in Testicular Cancer Awareness

About Us

Our Vision

Working in partnership, Cahonas Scotland aims to make sure that men in Scotland, particularly those most at risk of significant health inequalities, have open access to information. Our materials and our work will be both accessible and effective ensuring that men throughout Scotland are no longer embarrassed to confront their health issues.

Our partners

Cahonas Scotland work in partnership with a wide range of individuals, representative groups and cancer focussed organisations to campaign and help raise awareness of Male Cancers within Scotland.